Greenhouses and other outdoor structures tolerate some pretty nasty weather and do not enjoy the same protection that we give our homes. 

Poly (plastic) covering has a limited lifespan, usually 5 to 10 years.  Special tape allows holes and tears to be mended, but eventually the plastic degrades and needs replacing.

Common structural problems are rotted baseboards and hip-boards usually made of hemlock or pine.  Wood is often the weakest link in the growing environment due to high humidity and constant exposure to the sun.  Cedar will last longer and cost more.  In most cases I will recommend metal as a superior alternative.   Steel and aluminum might have more up-front cost but they will not rot. 

I offer a range of metal repair services and can fabricate any part necessary, structural or otherwise.  Aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel are all viable options for exterior applications.


A greenhouse can become more than just a place to grow food.  It can make a statement, serve as a meditative refuge, be seamlessly incorporated into an existing structure, there are many paths to creating a veggie-friendly home.  Either way it's important to invest consideration into the process whether you have specific ideas or need me as an "architect" to help you along.  

Greenhouse Kits

If you have found exactly what you are looking for in a pre-built kit, I am happy to assemble it.  There are high quality kits available online, ranging in many materials, shapes and sizes.  Call for recommendations and a sense of purpose/size and design.