10x10 Gothic Greenhouse, $950

Frame is constructed with 1" galvanized metal conduit (EMT).

6mm Polyethylene cover, rated for 5 years. 

Scissor-style doors for entry and ventilation.  Very simple design.  Scissor doors hinge at peak and open to allow access and ventilation.  This greenhouse will comfortably allow 2 raised beds, 4'x8' each.  That's about 60 sq.ft of growing area!

*Price includes installation (within 100 miles of Brunswick, ME)

*Site work NOT included (Leveling, crushed stone for drainage, weed barrier and mulch or pea stone)

10x10 Gothic Greenhouse, Door/Vent, $1,900

Same as above model, except-

*Hemlock frame door, twin-wall polycarbonate panel windows

*Exhaust window vent, automatic opener (univent), adjustable temperature setting